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Auto Transport Services

Discover a wide variety of Auto transport services available. Purpose Driven Transport guarantees you'll find every type of service you need to transport and deliver your dealership's automobiles. Call us at (949) 253-9501, with questions about our Auto transport services.


Every Vehicle is verified via VIN number

All paperwork is verified and matched to the correct vehicle

Optional Items such as floor mats, cd magazines, navigation discs, headphones, first aid kits etc are all verified via the window sticker and / or your instructions.

Every vehicle is thoroughly inspected using our 18 point inspection process.

You will be immediately notified of any missing equipment, damage or excessive mileage

Our #1 company wide goal is to exceed your expectations every time we do business together.


 Dealer Trades
Purpose Driven Transport
understands and values the importance you place on having your dealer trades done promptly, professionally, and correctly every time. Our drivers are thoroughly trained in each and every aspect of executing your trade perfectly. Over the last 19 years we have successfully completed over 25,000 dealer trades.


Are you tired of waiting 3 or 4 days (or even longer) to receive the vehicles you've bought and already paid for.

You could be receiving most of your local lease returns and auction purchases within 24 hours!

Many Vehicles are delivered within 2-3 hours after you've faxed us the release!

The lease return and auction specialists at Purpose Driven Transport Inc. would love to assist you in this very important aspect of your job




 Lease Returns
Whether vehicles are located in Southern California or anywhere in the Continental United States, we have the manpower and resources to get these vehicles to you quickly. We contact the appropriate parties to verify availability and schedule pick up and delivery to your dealership. Like our used car services, most local lease returns are delivered to you within 24 hours of purchase or as little as 2 to 3 hours. 

Inspecting - Auto Delivery Deliveries
Our staff understands and values the importance you place on the relationships you've developed with fleet companies, brokers, credit unions, and your customers. We do everything we can to help maintain and further these vital relationships. Over the last 17 years we have successfully delivered over 35,000 vehicles. The knowledge and experience that we have gained has enabled us to develop a foolproof process that eliminates mistakes.

Purpose Driven Transport
delivers any vehicles you're selling and picks up any vehicles you purchase at the auction. We provide 24-hour service for any auction in Southern California. We also offer 48hr Auto transport services to Northern California, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Nationwide auction service is also now available

Inspecting - Auto Delivery

 Nationwide Trucking Service
To serve you better we formed alliances with many professional trucking companies. These alliances allow us to offer 48-hour or next day service trucking for California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico. This also allows us to offer nationwide Auto Transport quickly and at the most competitive rates possible.

 Dealer-to-Dealer Sales

 Purpose Driven Transport handles any purchases or sales you make with any other dealers. We've been transporting these sales since 1999 and have transported more than 85,000 of these vehicles.

 Vehicle Purchases
We realize that vehicles you purchase are most often sold units that are being delivered for your customer. Whether you need to purchase one particular vehicle or are planning an entire inventory acquisition, we have the resources and manpower needed to respond quickly and efficiently.

 Tent Sale Events
Count on us to transport your large amount of vehicles quickly to your tent sale. The less time vehicles are in transit the longer they're on the lot ready to be sold. Additionally, we offer after-hours, and weekend delivery and pick up services.

 Vehicle Inspections

Purpose Driven Transport Inc. completely understands and places the utmost amount of importance on the vehicle inspection process. Over the last 17 years we have inspected well over 100,000 vehicles. The knowledge and experience we’ve gained throughout this process has enabled us to develop a foolproof process to ensure that every vehicle we move is verified for accuracy and is damage free. If any damage, missing equipment or excess mileage is discovered you will be immediately notified prior to the vehicles move.

Car Inspector - Car Transport
Car Inspector - Car Transport
Inspector - Mission Viejo, California
Auto Inspection - Mission Viejo, California

Contact us at (949) 253-9501 in Mission Viejo, California, to schedule one of our Auto transport services.

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